Oct 24, 2010

Introducing Ace, the Guitar playing...

I bought the cutest shirt from ACL the other weekend and love wearing it!
Seriously how cute is this shirt???
It is cute and it has inspired me to make Ace
Ace loves hanging around the house late at night so it can make it hard to photograph him. Hopefully he'll come play guitar for me in the afternoon so I can get a better picture of him.
We found out he is a fan for the Beatles and he is working on the guitar solo for

Be on the look out for Ace, he might be coming to a gig near you.


  1. Now, that is just too cute! And I bet that Ace can turn out some amazing licks on the guitar, too! Mom

  2. How did I not see this before??? And you put one of my favorite Beatles songs! Okay, I actually say that about pretty much all Beatles songs because I love them all, but I really do love it! This is so cute, too!! Great job! I guess inspiration really is everywhere! Cute shirt and cute Ace! :)