Feb 21, 2012

New Granny Square Project

I love Pinterest!  It has become the latest obsession for many of my friends, including myself! 
One thing I really like about it is being able to pin all my inspirations into different categories.  I created a blanket board of the different blankets I've seen and would like to make in the future.  I noticed I was pinning a lot of granny squared blankets that used bright colors.  So my newest Granny Square Project is going to be a bright and happy blanket!
Here are the squares I've made so far.

I'm using yarn from my stash and hoping to not have to buy too much extra!  I love how the squares look different based on the colors used!
When completed I'll be adding this lovely blanket to my shop!  
I'm estimating now that it will be about 48-52 inches wide and 42-48 inches long.  
I will keep posting updates of the progress!

What have you been pinning on pinterest? You should try it out if you haven't already!


  1. I must be hungry a lot when I'm on Pinterest because I have a tendency to pin a lot of food. :-) I need to start cooking more so I can try out the recipes. I love finding new crafty inspiration on Pinterest, too.

  2. I am a pinning fool lol! I love granny squares working on an afghan right now :)