Feb 6, 2012

I heart fingerless gloves!

I have been planning some new projects for my Etsy shop and decided this weekend was a great time to test one of them out.  Thankfully I have the sweetest little girl who loves for me to make things for her!

Here are my I heart fingerless gloves! 
These are in purple with a light pink flower on top.  

As you can tell, she LOVES them! 
My daughter was so excited to wear them to school today!

I'm working on more this week and trying to finish up my ripple blanket too!
What do you think of them? Any color suggestions you have? I love feedback, so please send it!!


  1. Oh...sweet gloves on a sweet girl.. she looks so like you Velma! :)x

    1. thanks and thanks!!! She looks a lot like my sister and my husband's sister! She is cutie either way!

  2. Mustard and Grey are super popular! I love those two colors together. :)

    1. ooo love that idea! thanks!! I've got this light bright blue and the pink that I'm going to use. But I really like mustard and grey together!!!