Jan 9, 2012

Wrong yarn = cowl for the daughter!

One of my friends asked me to make them a hat they saw in the store. I found the pattern on revelry and was ready to get started. I even found yarn on sale for it!
Well I got started in the project only to discover I had bought the wrong yarn! Urg! I bought super bulky instead of just bulky. Seriously there is a difference for those who are questioning this.
I sat here for awhile messing around with the yarn and finally decided it would be perfect for a cowl and I knew just the little girl to enjoy it!

My daughter even showed me all the different ways to wear a cowl!
"It looks like a necklace mom!"
"Oh my mouth can be warm or I can be a Ninja!"
not sure what she was doing here but her ears are going to be warm!
So I'm glad I made a mistake in the purchase of my yarn! It turned into a super cute prize for my cutie daughter!