Jan 9, 2012

Daisy Coasters

I have been seeing these cute daisy coasters pop up all over pinterest and had to find the pattern to make them.  I found the pattern - in German of course.  Seems to be my luck to find awesome patterns in another language! Thankfully I found a picture version pattern and I was able to make them!!
My plan was to make them before Christmas for my Granny & Granna but obviously I'm a little late... But I can still give them these pretty presents!!!

One of the daisies
smaller flower coaster

Adding the border for the daisy


  1. Hi Velma.. these are very sweet! Are you going to post or sell the pattern? Do you know, I have only ever met one other Velma in all my life - that was a girl I went to primary school with... it is a beautiful name :)x

  2. Awe you leave the sweetest comments!!! I do need to write out the pattern to help other people who want to make them!! German is hard ;)
    I have only met a few Velmas in my life too!

  3. Those are really cute - Granny and Granna would surely like those. As would some others...


  4. Super cute!!

  5. Great work! They look awesome!