Jun 30, 2011

Geekery for Charity

Something else I'm working on right now is more Jayne Hats!

I saw a recent tweet from Austin Browncoats asking for knitters to volunteer their time by knitting up some Jayne Hats so they can sell them for charity.  I of course was so up for this!!

I just need to make 3 hats by the end of July and I'm almost done with the main body of two.  I haven't added the earflaps yet because I figured I can just do them last and at the same time! Then of course there is the pom pom on top...

This is my first time to use real wool and I have to admit I'm in love! Combining the good wool with my bamboo needles and it's like knitting a little part of heaven!  

I'm sure they could still use more knitters if you are interested! Look for the volunteer link on their webpage or I can send you the email.


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