Jun 27, 2011

Progress on the Cardigan

I've been spending a lot of time on the cardigan and it's coming along pretty quickly!

I'm already working on the bottom "lace" pattern. This is one of those knit from the top patterns that are easier for making garments.  I just started on the top and then I sectioned off that sleeves for later and I was completely amazed that it worked! You can see actual sleeve areas and its all even!!!

Now I am nervous that this is going to be too small for me!!!  I picked the "size" based on my measurements but its looking small!! But I can't really tell because everything is all bunched together on these circular needles.  I guess I'll just work the pattern and see who it will fit in the end! I'll be happy to have a cardigan in the end and not some strange yarn mess!!!

Has anyone knitted a cardigan before? Any tips you want to share?? I'd LOVE them!!!

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