Aug 3, 2011

African Flowers

My friend AJ starting crocheting African Flowers for a blanket she was making and I had to give them a try!  

Aren't they awesome??!!???!!

I used this pattern for making them.

I decided to make them for a craft swap I'm doing on One Artsy Mama's blog.  I figured they could be used as decoration, coasters ... the ideas are endless!!


  1. love them! so super pretty. must make some one day!

  2. Great work! I'd love those as coasters! I'll have to try to make some :)

  3. ok. i'm officially loving your blog! it's like yarn porn!!! bwawhah! ;) you know what i mean, right? lol!

  4. Hey Velma! I see the one I got from the craft swap! These are really cool! I love the colors you used. Thanks again!