Aug 4, 2011

Cardigan Fail...

So remember my cardigan project I started in June?  Well I'm sad to say I had to scrap it.

Can you see what is wrong with this picture?

If you said 2 different colored yarns you would be correct! For some reason I Love This Yarn makes two shades of this green that have similar names and I somehow got the wrong one! I didn't notice until I had been going for a bit and just got so frustrated.  I could just pull out the old color and start over.  But lets me honest, I wasn't wild about the pattern.  It just wasn't working for me when I was seeing it in person.  I think some patterns are like that.

So I've been looking through some other patterns and found this one that I want to try.

I bought some I Love This Wool in Sungold with my Birthday money and I'm ready to go!
I'll post pictures as I make progress! Crossing my fingers for no more failures on this one!


  1. You were right to frog it. I mean, if you are not totally satisfied with it, why bother???