Apr 29, 2010

Earth Day Re-do

I had great plans to make an Earth Day project for last week. 

I found a cute pattern, I had the yarn, I was set to go.  

As I worked the pattern I wasn't thrilled with it, but I kept going.  Then I ran out of yarn... easy peasy, just buy more! But I couldn't remember the brand or color type as I had bought for a prior project and have a bad habit of just tearing off the labels and throwing them away (lesson learned!)  I finally figured out the brand but could never find the right color, even after going to several stores and then going online. So what do you do? You start over and try something else!

After pulling the yarn apart Monday night I looked something like this

So I'm ready to go now with my yarn ready.  I'm still going to make a bag, just going to make it a little different than before.  We'll see where that leads me!

Apr 26, 2010

On a Mario Kick

I might be going overboard on the Mario stuff, but they are so fun and cute to make!

I found this web page  that had great instructions with pictures for carrying multiple colors aka Fair Isle.  It made knitting a pattern with multiple colors easier and it looks cleaner. Plus the edges of the design weren't pulling where I had been changing the colors out!  I didn't take into account that when using 4 colors it would add more bulk plus I was a little too tight in my technique so the hat kind of pulls in the middle! OPPS!  SO while I had intended for this to be given to one of my adult friends, I think I will give it to one of my 4 or 5 year old friends =) 

Its still super cute though! 
My flash washed out some of the color but you get the idea!

Apr 24, 2010

Birthday Clutch

I really like being able to make the presents I give to friends and family!  I made this clutch for my sister-in-law.  I'm sending it in the mail to her, so don't tell her!!! ; )

 I started working on the purse last month.
I liked being able to combine the knitting and sewing in this project.  There weren't a lot of instructions on how to sew in the lining and how to make it work just right, so I used some suggestions from Marci and it worked out in the end!

I would never have picked out that fabric on my own.  I was walking back and forth in Jo-Ann's when a helpful clerk pulled 3 possible fabrics for me and I just loved this one!  Also another shopper helped me with the ribbon since the one I had started with would fray easily. Good to know!!! Love that I had so many helpful people through out this project!

Apr 21, 2010

Project Completion!

I finished the preemie hats for charity.  I'm pretty excited to get them all done!  I look forward to doing more projects like this. It feels good to do good things for other people! Now to box them up and send them to AJ!

My daughter's bear volunteered to do a photo shoot and show off its favorite hats

Apr 18, 2010

Crochet, not so bad!

Here is an update picture of the blanket for my son.  Its about 3 feet across.  I made a big mistake last night and added another corner to it so for a short while it had 5 corners.  So I guess I was aiming for a pentagon at that point!  Oh well, yarn comes apart easily so I was able to get back to where I had added the extra corner and took it out. 

I've got plans to make a blanket for my daughter and make heart squares like this and use lots of bright colors

When I get this whole crochet thing down I would love to make these awesome creations!  


 My daughter thinks she needs the unicorn and my son needs the dinosaur 
(Thanks AJ for the cute finds!)


pure awesome 


Isn't this Conan O'Brien the cutest????

Apr 16, 2010

First Attempts at Crocheting

I'm realizing that I like to jump head first into big new projects and tend to not sit long on the simple, basic steps. This might come back to get me in the end!!!  BUT regardless, I have made a stab at crocheting! I decided last Sunday that I was going to give it a try and wanted to make a blanket for my son.  Poor guy is 8 and is already almost as tall as his mom.  Most of his soft cool super hero blankets are getting to small for him so I thought he needed a new blanket.  I went online and found some really helpful videos on how to make a very basic granny square blanket and just hit the ground running.

This is where I am so far.  I think its about 2 foot across.  I've been working at it at home while we are watching our evening shows.  I like that its the same thing over and over again so I don't have to look at a pattern and can move pretty quickly through it.  I've got plans for more blankets and such so we'll see what happens!!!

Apr 14, 2010

Do the Mario

I had a request for a Mario inspired armband from one of my friends and I had to do it!

She thought it was pretty awesome

and loved it right away!

Apr 13, 2010

Earth Day - Getting Started

My friend Marci is making an Earth Day Project and it inspired me to make one too!  

I found this cute grocery bag tote on Lion Brand's website.

I started working on it last week but its taking me some time to do it even though its a pretty simple pattern.  First, you have to use two strands of the yarn to help with durability and the yarn I'm using is already pretty stiff... so after about 3 rows my fingers are ready to quit.  So I've only been working on it in slow increments but also with determination to get this part done so I can move onto yarn that won't hate me.

I'm planning to make a heart to go on the pocket instead of the stripes.  Thinking about adding buttons too, not sure yet!  But here is where I am so far!

Apr 4, 2010

Little Black Sheep

Once there was a cute little black sheep that was looking for new things to do.

The little sheep spotted some eggs and got very excited.  She knew exactly what she could do!

She get our her egg dyeing kit and got straight to work.

Look at all the beautiful eggs she made!

I made this little black sheep for my little sister.  Its one of those long family inside jokes.  But she loved it and now my brother wants one too!!!
pattern can be found here

Cabled Slouch Hat

I wanted to make my sister-in-law Lucy a hat for her Birthday this month and I came across this pattern and thought it would be a good one to do for her.  I actually made it a month ago but it wasn't slouchy enough.  I let it sit there for awhile before I attempted it again on Friday.  I was able to get it all done by last night! (I had some down time Saturday and some traveling too!)

I'm hoping to get a picture of Lucy wearing it soon!

Apr 1, 2010

Power Up!

Coffee does give me a power up, so should this new coffee cozy!
I was so excited to figure out how to make this on my own! 
It took a couple of tries, but the finished product looks sooo cute! 

If you really like the Mario Star, check out AJ's Star Pillow in her Etsy Shop
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