Jul 13, 2010

Too Cute Tuesday

Several of us are convinced that my daughter has the natural crafty ability.
She is only 6 and already does some pretty impressive stuff!
I thought I would feature her on Tuesdays aka Too Cute Tuesdays.
My walls are lined with the things she makes, so I might as well share them!!

This was a princess she made a few months ago when she was still 5

She took the face from one of her coloring books and cut it out and then added the body from paper.

She then took the scraps from pictures I had cut out for another project to decorate her princess.

I guess this is her version of upcycling!


  1. EEKS! I love it!!! Did I show you the gorillas she drew me at church two weeks ago? They're on my fridge at home. :) She's very talented!

  2. Thanks for checking in on my and my blog, I love your name, it was my Grandmother's name and it will always hold a special place in my heart!

  3. I just love the way she works in some dimension with this princess -- the tiara is pretty impressive! Better preserve these -- they might end up in a book about her early work! Nana