Mar 14, 2011

Wedding Present

Last week my sister got married!  It was such a great day and I was glad to see her on her big day! 
I of course had to make something special for her!

Last May she made me a quilt for my graduation present so I thought it would be appropriate for me to crochet a blanket for her and the new hubby.  I loved this blanket from Becky's Strumpet's Crumpets and was inspired to make one similar to it!

Here are some pics of the work in progress from my instagram pics.

It turned out so pretty!  
I want to make more blankets in the future.  It's so relaxing to sit in my big chair and crochet!


  1. That is a wonderful blanket! You have a great eye for color!! Mom

  2. My favorite color scheme--the colors look so soft and pretty. So much time and energy yielded a beautiful project and gift! I agree, it is so relaxing to sit and crochet for hours. Oh, I just wish I would allow myself to sit longer and enjoy my hobby!

  3. It's lovely!! :) There's nothing like a handmade present as a gift, is there?? :) Awesome!