Nov 7, 2010

Birthday Present

One of my nieces just turned 12 and I had to make her something cute for her Birthday.

I was inspired by this purse from Seni with love
I came up with this crocheted purse for her

 It was hard to get the picture to capture the blue just right, but its a dark turquoise blue.  I crocheted the brown and blue together to make the body of the bag and then used the blue alone for the flower and brown for the strap.
And added a cute button for the middle of the flower!!!
She loved it and I was super excited to give it to her!  
Making presents for my sweet family is the best!


  1. Very nice! I especially love the flower w/ the button! :)

  2. Hello! I just recently found your blog. But this is very cute! I love the effect of crocheting with the 2 yarns together...I've never done that, I'll have to try it!

  3. I knew you would love it Marci!
    Thanks Finding my stitch! I hope you enjoy the blog!

  4. thanxx for leaving me a comment, so that i can look at your bag :)
    your bag looks great!! i also made a bigger one (i will upload the picture today and put it on my blog) have a great day ♥ XO. Vera

  5. hi yes it is great i bet your neice will be the envy of her friends with this (or you will get lots of orders ) lol

  6. I love those colors! Very beautiful.