Sep 8, 2010

Getting Started

I got started on my pumpkins! 

I first started with some left over orange yarn I had and realized soon I wouldn't have enough for the pattern.  I made adjustments and made it into a smaller pumpkin!  

I also adjusted the leaves and made 3 instead of the 5 in the pattern and made one longer than the others.  I think it adds some character!

I then got some awesome "I love this yarn" yarn called burnt pumpkin and made the pumpkin in the pattern. 
These are so easy and quick to make!  I really needed more polly fill so the pumpkin isn't as full as it should be, but it still looks cute! 

I really love the curly stem!

There is still time to join in!!


  1. yarn scraps and snips from sewing projects make good subsitutes for polyfill if you're not going to use the pumpkin for a pincushion.

    These are really cute! Mom

  2. Awesome!!! They turned out great, Velma!! Are you going to make more?

  3. Thanks ladies!!
    I plan to make more as there are 2 more patterns to come!!

  4. Yeah AJ! I can't wait to see your pumpkins!!