Sep 10, 2010

Friday I'm In Love - Joss Whedon

I am super excited about my plans for this weekend! My geek heart is over flowing because I get to see Serenity tomorrow at the Alamo for Can't Stop the Serenity.  I've seen Serenity in the theater 5 times and now going on 6! I really love being apart of this event as it is a fund raiser for Equality Now but also just for the pure geekiness of it all!!

So this Friday I will say I am in love with all things Joss Whedon

cause really, there is more to my love than just Firefly!
There is of course Buffy -- Just finished season 7 not too long ago and now working through the comics!
(I picked this picture for Buffy because it has my favorite - OZ! and Drucilla! Too bad it didn't have Anya in the picture...)

Then there was Dr. Horrible... Pure awesomenss!!!
I enjoyed Dollhouse -- it got so much better as it went on.
Now I'm finally working my way through Angel.  I really really love Lorne!!

What are your favorite Joss Shows?


  1. Hee hee! It's hard to pick a favorite because I love them all! My top three (in no particular order) are Buffy, Firefly and Dr. Horrible, OF COURSE!!!

    I can't wait til tomorrow!!!!! :)

  2. Nothing will ever compare to Buffy! I need to get those comics and read them. I've seen the series twice, but now that I have Netflix, I'll be watching it again!

  3. Yeah, I think I have to put Buffy at the top of my list, too. It was my first Joss experience and I love it so much! I have watched the series so many times and I'm pretty sure I have most if not all of the episodes memorized. :) Joss is smart.

  4. i love dr. horrible's sing along blog!