Nov 1, 2012

Halloween craftiness

We had another crafty Halloween!
Kira and I went as Unicorns!
I was a more of a My Little Pony Unicorn and Kira was Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time

For Kira's Costume I sewed the dress on my own.
Now I'm really excited about this because I made her dress WITHOUT a pattern!!!
Now there were some small messups along the way - like not making the neck big enough for her to put her head through!! But we were able to make some adjustments and it was perfect!
I also crocheted her unicorn horn and attached it to a crocheted headband.
back view -- arm warmers were knee high socks we just cut to make them work

Now I found a fun pattern for a unicorn hat that I wanted to use for my costume.
But, it didn't work out so great...
Even Kira agreed it was a pattern fail!!!!
But I was able to use some of the information from the pattern and come up with this awesome unicorn hat.
I really liked being able to tell people that I made it all on my own!!
Homemade Halloween costumes are for sure the best!!
Did you make your costume this year?