Mar 19, 2012

Spring Goodies

Last week I made some cute spring inspired coasters!!
I LOVE how these turned out! They were easy to make while relaxing this week.  

I made coasters in Red & Aqua, Pink & Lime Green and Blue & Orange
I also had to make some coffee cozies to match!

These are already available on my etsy shop if you want some for yourself!  I think I need to make a coffee cozy just for me!


  1. Agh I love this pattern! One of my favorite crochet patterns for sure. I already made a bunch of bags with this pattern, and some potholders that always seem to sell well! Mine have more rounds to them though.
    Yours look great! Love the color combos :)

  2. Velma, I LOVE the red and blue coffee cozy!! SOO CUTE!!! So are the red and blue coasters.. Adorable!!