Mar 6, 2012

Sharing some helpful stuff

This weekend I found a huge hole in the hexagon blanket I made for my daughter. HOW FRUSTRATING! Thankfully it was easy enough to fix.

I spent some time looking around the interwebs for some helpful information on how to prevent this from happening.  I saw some comments about not letting people use the blankets - NO WAY! They are too awesome to not use!

What I discovered was that I need to do a better job at weaving in those pesky tails!!! I have noticed that the way I was taking care of them wasn't working 100% of the time because they still managed to worm their way out and stare me down in defiance.  Seriously this is my least favorite part of crocheting and knitting!!

Thankfully I discovered this video of taking care of the tail as you start a new color for granny squares and another for dealing with the tails in the end!  I wanted to share them with you in case you had found yourself in the same situation.  The lady who does these videos is super helpful and she has a bunch of other videos listed on the side that she has done.

What helpful tips have you discovered that you want to share with other people?  Maybe I can share them on the blog too!!!


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