May 4, 2010

What to do when you run out of wrapping paper

I was faced with the dilemma the other day of not having any wrapping paper for the purse I had made for my sister-in-law.  I had found some Christmas paper and had thought of just turning it to the "wrong" side and doing something creative that way.  But then I remembered that my daughter LOVES tape and had used all the tape that I owned... even the duct tape!!

But I had tissue paper and this old shoe box... So I took the purple tissue paper and just glued it to the box.  I used 2 layers so you wouldn't be able to see the box design.  I then found these old cut out letters I had that were also purple and spelled her name on the top.  I think it came out pretty cute!


  1. Sooo cute!!! What are the letters made of? I was thinking about trying to come up with creative gift wrap for mother's day and writing a post about it, too! :) When are you giving her the gift?

  2. they are made of chipboard -- you can find them in a box together with a theme of colors/texture/patterns at most craft places.
    She got the present this weekend when the kids went to Lockhart.

  3. excited was she when she opened it??? I'm sure she adored it. She's a very lucky girl to get such an amazing present!