May 11, 2010

Sometimes its good to make mistakes

Remember how I was working on that Earth Day Project?  Remember how I was going to use it as my Mother's Day gift to my mom and how it didn't turn out right the night before?

I tell you I was FRUSTRATED! I was almost done with that bag and I hated that I couldn't get it to work right or look right.  I wasn't a fan of the pattern the more and more I worked it but I didn't expect it to look so YUCKY!

 So I had the main part of the bag done.  All I needed was to attach a strap to it.

Then I had an idea! BUTTONS! I could add buttons and then add the strap!  So I rolled down the edge a bit and attached some colored buttons and added a different strap.  This is what I ended up with.  

Here is a close up of the buttons

I added buttons on both sides.  I think this turned out WAY cute! 
What do you think?


  1. It looks so great!!! Buttons make everything better!

  2. wow, thats adorable! i love it