Feb 12, 2010

Sackboy for the Hubbie

My husband first gave me some strange looks when I told him I was going to start knitting.  Not unsupportive looks but more like "really, knitting..."

Well he found this pattern and asked if I could try to make it.  It comes from a game called Little Big Planet. Mine looks funny, but it works! It was hard and rewarding to get done.  I never realized how hard it would be to find a simple zipper and buttons for the eyes!

I've also added some step by step pictures of the hands as the pattern was not making sense to me and I thought if someone wanted to make their own a visual would help them along the way

This right after the "thumbs" are knitted on.  There is one on each side because you fold it over to join them together

Here you are adding the pinky finger --- you end up knitting towards the middle of the hand and then working on just the 3 stitches in the middle.  You tie them off and you end up with a finger in the middle of the work.

Again you end up with a similar experience with these other fingers where you work on just 3 stitches and then tie them off.  It makes a little Mohawk thing as you pull them together.  


 Then the next thing you know, you have a hand!!

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  1. I have to admit I didn't know what Little Big Planet was so I looked it up. You did a great job. It looks just like that little character. There were some really cute knitting projects on etsy too. :)