Nov 8, 2011

Adventures in Sewing - Bunting

I have always wanted to make my own bunting for my office.
Look how cute this looks in a classroom???

I personally have a small office for me to have individual and family therapy for the kids who live at the facility I work for.  I thought it would be fun to make a bunting that would serve several purposes.  One it would make the space brighter and CUTER and friendly.  I also thought I could include my kids in the process to allow them to have a discharge activity where they get to leave something behind for other kids.

I used this DIY but I know there are tons available on the internet if this one isn't to your liking.
Here are the triangles I made

Really you need some good coffee to make crafting really great!!

I wish I had gotten a picture of me sewing these triangles! I figured out what was messing up on my machine! Yeah and BOO! I somehow can't get the tension right for the top thread, so I have to physically hold the thread in my right hand from the top and then with my left hand hold the fabric! Its a challenge, so I'm glad these triangles look half way decent!!!

Now to get to the kid part - I am letting the kids decorate one side of triangle when they are getting close to discharging from our program.  Here is the first one I have.  I marked out the identifying info.  I love that this kid added a mustache to his picture of himself!

(no matter what I tried I couldn't get this picture to turn the right way! I saved it different ways but blogger always made it back to this... sigh!)

So now I am trying to decide if I sew the bunting all together now or do I just add a flag as the kids decorate them?  Either way I'm taking it down each time.  If I put it all together then I can have it in a nice color pattern and the other way it feels a little more symbolic adding them one at a time... Suggestions??


  1. Love it!
    What if you do both? Some already put together that will stay where you hang them and some that you will be adding to?


  2. I think you should trust your instincts and sounds like you want it to be more about the experience with one at a time :)