Sep 18, 2011

Blog Blanket Project

Courtney from You will. won't you? is hosting a blogger blanket project!

This is an awesome project where we make 6 granny squares measuring 6"X6" for each of the participants so we end up with enough squares to make a queen sized blanket.  I'm really excited about this idea and have already started working on my squares... I might be a little too excited!! OH WELL!

I'm hoping to use my blanket for my office! I am a therapist for kids and this would be a great comfort my kids could enjoy! Plus what a great picture of people working together! 

This is an awesome project that I think any level of crocheter can get involved with! Even if you have never made a granny square, you can do this! Check out Becky's great tutorials on making granny squares! 


  1. yay! I can't wait to swap squares with you! i love the colors you're working on!!

  2. This looks like such a fun swap, and I love that you're planning on turning it into something for the kids you work with. What a wonderful idea!