Jan 28, 2010

Scarf and arm warmers for the girl

I made a scarf for Kira and the followed up with some arm warmers.
For the scarf I used size 10 needles and used a knit 2 pearl 2 all the way through.

Then for the arm warmers I cast on 29 and did one row of knit and one row of pearl.  I made them about 8 inches long and the sewed them up the side, leaving a hole for her thumb


  1. awesome--such cute yarn!!

    i heartily recommend you try using round needles for your next project like arm warmers,or a double-thick (tube) scarf, or even to knit straight on. they sound/look complicated, but they aren't--i love them SOOOO much more than my straight needles!!

    i've only been knitting since i taught myself in august, so i'm learning right along with you! haven't made anything complicated yet, just about 4 scarves with basic knit/purl stitches. i just reeeeally love making scarves, hee hee.

  2. I'm buying round needles this weekend! I'm making my pastor a Jayne hat!!!! I'd love to see what you have made too!!!!